MAKE EXTRA MONEY (Fund Raising?)

or simply give the prizes to your players!


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Earn $$300 for your organization plus $100 more for your efforts: 


Do you offer a raffle with this event? Are you sponsoring, or administering a Golf Event, a Tournament as a Fundraiser, or a golf League party, etc?  Do you wish to make $300-400 in profit with your Tournament? Professional Golf clubs are the prize? It’s easy. Your  group sells 100 raffle tickets on the DAY of the Tournament (@ $10). That is $1000 in the kitty.  


    We provide, for this raffle, a set of Professional golf clubs at wholesale prices (example: 2018 Callaway ROGUE irons, or Cobra F8s, or Taylormade M4 irons, etc). You only pay the wholesale price (the same price your Pro Shop pays….about $600). The Pro Shop suggested list price for those  ROGUE irons is approx $1000;  We give you, FREE, 100 raffle tickets. If you sell 100 participants at $10 each for the tickets, that’s $1000 raised.


     Add 20 more tickets and the total income increases to $1200. Add 20 more, and the kitty goes up to $1400, etc. Subtract the cost of the clubs ($600), from the $1000 raised, plus deduct the $100 for your efforts, and your Tournament NET is $300,….all done in one day at one event. Plus, not only do we provide the raffle tickets, we will give you professionally made pictures of the set you buy for the raffle (or Driver). You can display those pictures on the day of the tournament so the participants can see what they are buying. This is a very easy way for your event to make $300 or MORE in one day at your tournament. That $300 will buy a lot of food (and drinks), or pay incidental expenses, or pay for your clambake or party, etc.  Last year we sold over 160 raffle prizes (for over 150 tournaments across the US), mostly to fund raisers (American Legions), golf leagues, a lot of Senior groups, etc. (plus Fraternal groups,  Senior events,  Alumni groups, Police BA’s, Golf Courses,  etc).


    If you are a golf course or any organization having a Tournament, you can easily do this without enlisting the whole organization or a lot of volunteers to sell the tickets. Your group will talk about the golf club “prizes” for the whole year. Just set up a table at the Course and sell  the raffle tickets the day of the Tourney. That’s what the golf courses do.


Call us (questions, or suggestions), or EMAIL US: Ask for Form 18. 

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